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Take off your dream with us under our designed curriculum to deliver you the highest quality of training and prioritise safety. Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) approved Flight Training Organization Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Limited is operational at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Begumpet Airport and the Kalaburagi Airport to provide World-Class Pilot training. Equipped with an advanced fleet consisting of Single Engine DA-40 D Aircraft and Multi Engine DA-42 Aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with the latest Electronic Flight Information System, excellent avionics and advanced airframe and engine is the ultimate learning platform.

Market Potential of Pilot Training In India

India is one of the fastest-growing aviation markets in the world, and this growth has led to an increase in demand for pilot training. The market potential of pilot training in India is significant,and it is expected to continue to grow at a steady pace in the future. As a result, the demand for skilled pilots is also increasing. According to a report, India will need new commercial pilots by 2030. This creates a huge opportunity for companies offering pilot training in India.

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Flight Training Organisation

Factors to consider for choosing a Flight Training Organization (FTO)

Choosing a place of learning is always a critical choice, especially, if it is a technical course and one might not have much knowledge about the same. Hence, we have listed below the most critical, but simple factors for choosing an FTO, which is easy to assess for everyone.

Safety is our first Priority

  • APFT is known in industry for 100% Legal Flying. No overlogging!
  • To the letter compliance with DGCA approved TPM (Training Procedure Manual)
  • Operational for 11 years & 0 suspension/dismissal record of Licenses
  • Upto 3 yearly DGCA Audits by Directorate of Airworthiness, Directorate Flight Training, Directorate of Air Safety.

Most Modern Training Aircraft Fleet

Currently our fleet consists of three Single Engine Diamond DA - 40 and one Multi- Engine Diamond DA42. We are the 1st Indian FTO to have FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) – Major Safety Feature FADEC receives Multiple input variables of Flight Condition, Air Density, Throttle Lever position, Engine Temp. & Pressures and many other parameters.

Cadet Pilot to Instructor Ratio

  • Ideal Aircraft to Flying Instructor to Trainee Ratio is 1:1:10. At APFT, the ratio is 1:1:8.25. We endeavor to keep the Ratio low to ensure our Cadets get the best One-on One training and exposure from one of the most experienced Flight Instructor team in the country and the region!
  • Highly qualified Instructors drawn from diverse backgrounds of Armed forces, International and Domestic exposure. Our Flight Instructors have an average experience of over ~3200 Instructional Hours per Instructor. This a very high industry ratio. (E.g to attain Command of a Commercial Airline, a pilot requires approx. 2500 Hrs.)
  • We operate out of a Controlled robust International Airspace, manned by professional Air Navigational Services (ANS) controllers. This exposes our students to a highly professional environment enabling them to transition with ease from a Cadet Pilot to a Licensed Professional Pilot.
  • Besides the high standards of training imparted, the students are exposed to an ideal environment to enable them to transition from Cadet Pilots to Licensed Professional Pilots, to fly in a Commercial Airline

100 % Flying Regulatory Compliance

At APFT we ensure that each part of the flying curriculum, is done strictly in accordance with the laid down regulatory norms and each hour is logged correctly, and the Solo flights are done genuinely by the Cadets themselves after they achieve full proficiency, individually.

  • 100% adherence to all Legal norms.
  • 100% logging of hours.
  • 100% Genuine SOLO flights.
  • Placement Record

    We are proud to have a 97% placement record for our students. Our students have been absorbed in all the Indian airlines, with some selected and serving in Foreign carriers. We are honored to facilitate campus placements by major Indian airlines for our cadets, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing aviation talent and fostering valuable industry connections.


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