Private Pilots’ License

PPL is the basic licence required to take up flying as a recreation or private sport. PPL allows its holder the privileges of flying as Captain or co-pilot of an aircraft not for the purpose of public transport or aerial work.

Entry Requirements

Private Pilot Licence (PPL): The applicant should have

1.  Minimum age of seventeen (17) years.

2.  Passed Class Ten or equivalent examination from a recognized board.

3.  Class 2 Medical Assessment. Class 2 Medical Exam Centers. 

4.  Adequate competency in the English language.

Flying Syllabus

Minimum 40 hours on Single Engine Piston Diamond DA 40D aircraft, leading to the award of a Private Pilots’ License

Ground Lectures: 110 hours

Course Fees: INR 6.5 Lakhs 

(Government Taxes, Accommodation, Food and Transport will be additional)

Flight Training

Flight training will consist of 40 hours of flying on Diamond DA 40D aircraft and will be conducted in two phases.